Functional Athletic Sports Training

Our belief as trainers here at FAST is to provide our athletes with the tools to function at the highest levels that their bodies can handle for their specific field. Carlos Madrid and JJ Milan feel that everyone is an athlete in one way or another, whether you are a fire fighter, pro football player or a business woman you all have the ability to train like an athlete. This is where the excuses stop and the results begin. We will take your minds and bodies to places you never thought they could go. Through our unique and individualized program designs we will show you what professional functional training is all about. There is no other trainers in Northern Nevada that have performed at the professional levels that Carlos and JJ have..."We know what we teach works because we have actually done it!"

FAST - 1351 Corporate Blvd. Reno, NV 89502

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"Greatest gym I've ever trained at! JJ and Carlos are the best! If you are looking for somewhere to go to get results, be motivated, and have fun go to FAST!"
- Meghan S.