Functional Athletic Sports Training

Born and raised in northern Nevada, Emily fell in love with fitness almost 10 years ago. After a tragic car accident in 2009 Emily's interest only accelerated once she had to learn how to walk again. Emily experienced over 6 months of intensive physical therapy to rehab a broken femur along with sprained spine. Since her injury Emily has discovered her passion for helping others-whether it's been rehab from an injury, weight loss, athletic goals or bodybuilding. Emily also spent 2 1/2 years specializing in childhood development during her career as a children's gymnastics coach. Along with her specialization in childhood development, Emily has specialized in women's fitness training, group training, HIIT exercise, TRX, and yoga. Emily herself has many fitness accomplishments since her injury in 2009 such as running a half marathon and competing in a bikini competition. Emily is excited to work with individuals who have either just started their fitness journey or those individuals who have been working on it for a while.

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"Greatest gym I've ever trained at! JJ and Carlos are the best! If you are looking for somewhere to go to get results, be motivated, and have fun go to FAST!"
- Meghan S.