Functional Athletic Sports Training

Carlos and JJ are experts in the field of shaping and molding athletes into a better form of what their specific sport requires. They have trained with, been trained by or have trained alongside some of the bigger names in sports, such as UFC light heavyweight contender Ryan Bader, Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans, Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears, Robert Horry of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox, Warren Sapp of the Oakland Raiders, Nate Burleson of the Seattle Seahawks, Joey Gilbert professional boxer, Chris Gimenez of the Tampa Bay Rays, Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts and Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Kansas City Royals.

Carlos and JJ both understand what it takes to excel in not only high school and college sports, but also at the professional level. Their training is geared towards producing bodies that are molded specifically to function at whatever sport that is the focus. FAST will never waste time on putting athletes on a path that they will never go, they set goals and attain those goals. Carlos and JJ are much more than speed and agility coaches and plyometric trainers. They are functional trainers who can take you wherever you are willing to go in your athletic careers. Whether it be to jump higher, lower your pro agility, quicken your drop step, become more powerful off the blocks, become more flexible, increase your strength, or increase your endurance, Carlos "Bub" Madrid, JJ Milan and the FAST facility have what you as an athlete need to take your athletic performance to the next stage of your career and beyond.

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"Greatest gym I've ever trained at! JJ and Carlos are the best! If you are looking for somewhere to go to get results, be motivated, and have fun go to FAST!"
- Meghan S.